Predict Your Next Customer

Supercharge Your B2B Sales Process using Predictive Analytics and Big Data

Why EverString?
  • Always know who to reach out first every day
  • Find your best leads before they visit your website
  • Maximize the value of your in-house lead database
  • Understand the profile of your best customer
Step 1
Learn and track the hidden insights about your existing customers

We track 10,000+ indicators and analyze 50+ million patterns to determine the characteristics of your existing customers.

Step 2
Determine the leading indicators that drive your sales conversions

We develop and continuously evolve a company profile that reflects these leading indicators.

Step 3
Apply this profile to find your next customer

Apply this profile to

  • Your marketing leads database
  • New inbound leads
  • Leads of your channel partners
Step 4
Discover new leads that look like your best customers

We scour the web for more companies that fit the profile of your existing customers.

We actively track 10,000+ signals of 5 million US & Canada businesses and 30+ million contacts.

Our engine is constantly evolving the profile of your best customer

Lead scores change dynamically to reflect new updates that align to the profile.

By tracking your leads on a daily basis, we alert you to the best time to call.

Once plugged into your workflow, it learns by itself

Plug EverString engine into your CRM, marketing automation, email tool, ad campaign, or simply embed us into your homepage. It programs itself and never stops learning.

It learns everything about how each lead reacts to your company.
It remembers how different types of leads react to various marketing campaigns or sales call.